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Website Design Prices
$500 – $2,500.
We offer custom website design, and, while I highly recommend Wix website builder and editor platform for many of my clients because Wix is user-friendly and my clients can learn simple editing tasks easily and quickly.  We also work in Wordpress, and other platforms.  If you're not sure what you need, we will recommend the best fit for your website requirements.


Note:  Costs for domain registration, website hosting and security, and website template are separate from website design costs.


Website Maintenance

Monthly Fee:  $85.00

Annual Fee:   $900.00 paid in full.  (Works out to $75.00 per month.)

We also work on existing Wix websites to improve design, and/or add functionality or pages.  We also can charge hourly to consult on any questions, SEO, and Google Analytics.  We can discuss website design costs that are cost effective to fit your budget.

Are you looking for other digital marketing services?  I can provide services for you in search engine optimization,  email marketing, copywriting, and marketing design.

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